LiveFlight crashes when trying to search for a flight

I have been experiencing an issue with LiveFlight recently. Every time I go to search for a flight, the app suddenly freezes and crashes. It happens when connected to WiFi and mobile data. I am running latest version of LF and IOS.

Yep, same here. Sorry, Cam 🙄


Must be an issue all round. Same here. Seems to happen only once the search button has been pressed.


Works just fine on the web based version. Must be the mobile version.

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Same issue when it does work. a lot of the time it doesn’t even show any of the planes on the map.

That just means that your internet connection is terrible 🙄

Same issue.
iOS 11.0.3
iPhone 6S
LF 1.1 (3221)

Sometimes it crashes instantly after searching, some times it takes a while.

Yes. The app and web browser works fine when it comes to loading the map of flights. They only don’t show for me when my connection is terrible. There is no problems with the map loading…

My connection is perfectly fine.

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Thanks guys, isolated the issue and pushing a fix now!


You? Fix things? 😂 This is unheard of! Little early for April Fools, don’t ya’ think? lol


Oh poor cam… can’t even push a fix without being told off 😔

jk, hehehe