LiveFlight Connect

hello pilots

Recently i have been using live flight connect and I wanted to thanks @carmalonso for his perfect work. I specially like the autonav and the option to pick flight plans. Also the ATC pannel is nice. The only thing that doesnt work that fine is the horizont its kinda irregular.

In conclussion is a nice work and I highly recommend it

Thanks again @carmalonso

Happy landings to everyone



The platform is great!


His actual account is @Cameron :)

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It is garbage on Mac.

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It’s not garbage it’s just missing all the really cool features surely Mac Masterace should also have it if Windows has it 🙄

We’d love to hear some feedback on the Mac platform. We are working on AutoNAV for Mac slowly but surely :)

i needs updating to the new version of infinite flight like you know the update where they made the buttons massive and added terrain to the maps

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