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Hi, I have been having trouble lately connecting my joystick (Logitech Extreme 3D Pro) to Infinite Flight on my phone through LiveFlight Connect on my Mac. Some times I get it to work, but very rarely. Often it says “connected”, but it is not connected, and then LiveFlight crashes. I’ve tried everything they tell you to try, but it hasn’t been working. Has anyone experienced this and does anyone know how I could fix this? Thanks!

A few questions

  1. Do you have a stable WiFi connection?
  2. Did you close IF mid flight when this happened?
  3. What device are you on?

I actually had this exact issue when trying to set up live flight with my Thrustmaster T1600M and it just seemed to fix itself. Don’t know if you’re having the same issue.

Yes, my Wifi is stable as far as I know. No, I have restarted my device (iPhone 6) as well as the app and it does not help.

I don’t think so. Thanks though.

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Okay, this has happened to me in the past. It can easily happen when you switch apps mid-flight. I’m not a developer though, so that’s all the info I can provide.

Yeah, the problem is just connecting it in the first place, thanks for your input though!

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I’ve also had similar issues with LiveFlight before, except with an iPad Air 2. (P.S. no need to close this topic.)

About how many devices are on your WiFi network? Also, do you have another iPhone you could use for a Hotspot (just as a test)?

I have a lot of devices on my network, but I have a second network network that I’ll try. Thanks for your input, I let you know what happens!

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It worked!! Thank you so much.

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You’re welcome! I suspect the issue is that LiveFlight Connect simply has trouble finding/connecting to Infinite Flight when there are many other devices on the network.
Enjoy the joystick!

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