LiveFlight Connect with Update 20.2

Really not trying to add to the 20.2 spam but was wondering if anyone else is having an issue getting LiveFlight Connect to actually connect? I was using it in Beta just fine so I’m not sure why the official update would change its usability.

Any advice or information is greatly appreciated!

Happy flying!

I haven’t seen any changes on my side… have you tried restarting your application/computer?

That is good to hear that it is still up and running. It is probably just something on my end I guess. I tried restarting my iPad and my laptop a couple times but no luck. I’ll keep trying

I believe it’s officially no longer being worked on so any issues may be permanent unfortunately.

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I figured out the issue. It turns out that “Enable Infinite Flight Connect” got unchecked in the General Settings menu either between flights or after the update. I installed LiveFlight so long ago that I forgot you even had to enable it in IF.


Great app but unfortunately it sometimes freezes on final and stops responding… It’s working with 20.2 without problems till now… Haven’t made a full flight with it but tried it with approach and takeoff and was fairly good

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I have just finished a flight after 20.2 update using my joystick with LiveFlight Connect app… Unfortunately the app was disastrous and wasn’t stable at all… During a flight of one hour; the app froze thrice… I feel that my joystick is loosing its efficiency in IF with this app although the update is amazing and the B777 especially the -300 ER is astonishing… I’m not sure if the problem is with IF’s API or with this third party app…

Per the website, Live Flight support is no longer officially supported.

What does this mean?
Live Flight Connect will still connect to Infinite Fight however if you experience issues the developer is unable to provide support. The community will help out the best they can if they are able. The software is open source.

If it was fine in beta chances are it was related to the server issues they were having. I would reboot and try again.

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Thanks @Chris_S… Yes; I’m aware of this but unfortunately I know this after I bought my joystick to level up my experience in IF… I rely on joystick to improve my flying skills in a realistic way and I’m extremely disappointed because of issues with LiveFlight Connect app… Today it froze after takeoff and while taxiing (in) which would render me hesitant of performing a long haul flight with the new amazing 777… Hope we get some new or improved app for joystick support in the future cause I really cannot fly without it…

Does someone know if there will be a new app like liveflight? As @Crown.plane said above, its an much better experience

I’d recommend checking out Fly-by-Wire. If you have a spare iPhone, you can use it as a yoke or joystick with Infinite Flight.

Thanks for you efforts in developing and improving this app… But i have already purchased a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro joystic and used it to improve my flying skills but unfortunately the third party app connecting it to the simulator isn’t stable and could suddenly and simply ruined your flight after a couple of flying hours 🤦‍♂️

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