LiveFlight Connect Setup

Hey Everyone, I am having some trouble setting up my joystick with LiveFlight Connect. Before anyone says anything, please do NOT link me the basic LiveFlight connect thread. I have already read through it, and it DOES NOT help me with my issue.

My issue is that I cannot program specific buttons on my joystick to actions within Infinite Flight. (my joystick is a Thrustmaster TCA Airbus Sidestick.) For example, I don’t know how to press a button on my joystick, and have it turn on the strobe lights. Thanks!

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I’m not sure I understand what exactly your problem is. Is your problem that you don’t know how to assign different buttons to different actions in Infinite Flight; or is it that you’re trying to assign them but Infinite Flight is not recognizing the button input?

Sorry for being “unclear” I don’t know how to assign.

No worries at all!

Here’s how you can assign buttons to various actions in Infinite Flight:

  1. Head over to Settings
  2. Controls
  3. Commands tab (top right corner)

Then you can assign the different actions to different buttons from there. Simply tap on the action you want to assign and then press the button on your joystick that you want to be assigned to that action. Hope this works for you :)

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It didn’t work. Whenever I press on it, it immediatly assigns it too Button 112. Even if I am not touching the controller.

Try going to settings → control → commands and press some buttons. If that doesn’t work it may be because the Airbus TCA sidestick is new and LiveFlight Connect isn’t supported anymore.

Ah, okay. I’ve done my search around the forum and it looks like another user also had the issue with this “Button 112” being assigned even without any input. It looks like a device restart helped them (both laptop and device IF is on), so I suggest you do the same.

Okay cool. Thanks!

Uhhh now my LiveFlight doesn’t even want to open. Give me a moment.

OKay I got it open and it didnt work. (it is now saying button 16 is connected.)

Are you sure it’s not working? Can you try a different button for a different action and see if it changes from button 16?

I’ve been having the exact same issue. At one point it worked, but nothing I did to do it. Best luck is to try it every now and then.

In the meanwhile you could use a OTG cable (only for Android though) and that’ll work

I have also the airbus edition and it works fine for me. Maybe you should put the throttle not on “reverse mode” on your joystick (if you what I mean…). I also had once the problem with button 16.

what do you mean “reverse mode?

Set the throttle to 15% or more and not 0%. Like on the picture

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