LiveFlight Connect Problems

I have some issues with this app… My Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Joystick is connected to the IF by using this app on iPad Air 3rd Gen… Today after I disconnected the AP in preparation for landing my B772, the stick suddenly stopped working and i crashed and ruined my 3 hours flight… Recently this issue has been happening a lot with this aircraft and I cannot enjoy my flights… Any tips would be appreciated…

Hi, Liveflight connect is now discontinued, meaning no bugs will be fixed. I can only suggest restarting the app before you disconnect autopilot

But how can i use my joystick without this mediocre app? And how can I restart the app before disconnecting the AP without losing my flight 🤔🤷‍♂️?!

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I’ve meant restart Liveflight Connect, not Infinite flight

Hey there! Would you mind shooting me a PM, since I am flying using LiveFlight Connect and may be able to help.

I did that before reaching final approach but unfortunately on final the stich stopped and stuck to left direction ended up crashing

Sure, thanks a lot

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Nothing you can do really. Just restart everything before using and hope for the best.

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You’re right but unfortunately sometimes it partially works then stuck again at a critical moment of the flight

Thank you for your inquiry regarding Live Flight Connect. Per the website, Live Flight support is no longer officially supported. The project is open source and allows anyone to contribute.

What does this mean?
Live Flight Connect will still connect to Infinite Fight however if you experience issues the developer is unable to provide support. The community will help out the best they can if they are able.


  1. My LiveFlight Connect isn’t picking up my device.
    – Ensure your firewall allows LiveFlight Connect to use private and public connections (on Windows). See: HowToGeek
    – Ensure Infinite Flight Connect is enabled in Infinite Flight Settings.
    – Check your antivirus or network isn’t blocking ports 10111 or 15000.

  2. My joystick isn’t detected.
    The Thrustmaster T.Flight Hotas X and the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro are the only joysticks that have been tested. Use others at your own risk.

  3. Why was this software deprecated?
    LiveFlight Connect was built in 2015 as a side project to test the new Infinite Flight Connect API. After 4 years of supporting the open-source project with no external contributions, unfortunately, the developer didn’t have the time to continually update or provide tech support.

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Thank you Chris… That means i cannot get a benefit from my joystick which I bought to enhance my experience in IF… Is there anyway to connect my joystick to IF more efficient than this app?

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You could alway try this. Although you will need to purchase a raspberry pi

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