LiveFlight Connect Problem

Ever since I updated my iPad (30 Minutes ago) to the MD11/DC10 update, when I try to connect my joystick via LiveFlight Connect, the software crashes when I try to make any controls, attempted solutions:
Replugging the joystick into my computer
Restarted both LiveFlight Connect and Infinite Flight
Reinstalled LiveFlight Connect
Turning “Infinite Flight API” on and off

Result are still crashing LiveFlight Connect when I try to input any controls.
Anyone else on iOS have had this problem?

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No I mean LiveFlight Connect is crashing itself, not Infinite Flight.

LiveFlight Connect is crashing, not infinite Flight :)

I see. LiveFlight may not be optimized for the new update. Just wait it out a bit. @cameron Will have something out for you soon.

Which IOS are you on?

@Justin_Chan, there is a thread about it here. Make sure you have the latest version and no firewalls are blocking the network. (last post)

Nope, still crashing.

Also, normally it would say Infinite Flight is at (insert IP address here), but it says “Infinite Flight is at nil”, which is really weird.

Are you connected to VPN on one of your devices?

Do you have InfiniteFlight Connect enabled/checked under Settings-General?

Yes I have it on in Infinite Flight.

No they all aren’t connected to VPN.

I have the same problem. It is crashing all the time, simce the update. I have Android. :/

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Hey there, are you using LiveFlight Connect on Windows or macOS? Cheers!

Able to reproduce. To experience it, connect LiveFlight Connect and IF together, once it’s connected, and press any key. The app instantly crashed. Sent you the log in Slack.

LiveFlight Connect 1.4.1 (4)
macOS High Sierra 10.13.1
iOS 11.2

Im using it on Windows. :)

Having the same problem on a MacBook air. Ever since the new update is has said at nil instead of the IP, I reinstalled both the app and liveflight connect, shut down both devices. The device running IF is a 2 month old IPad Pro.43 PM Please help, I really want to fly today with the new MD series and also the Expert Sever ATC is plentiful.

Working on an update… Infinite Flight changed the Connect protocol in this update

An update for those interested:


I cannot even get them to connect to each other. both on same wifi network and it had worked in the past. I hear a fix is in the works, and can’t wait for it.