LiveFlight Connect Problem

I was doing a flight today, I disconnected LiveFlight from Infinite Flight when I reached cruising altitude to prevent my computer from overheating (It is a 2009 iMac) and to prevent accidentally disengaging the autopilot.
But when I prepared for approach and tried connecting it again, it says connected but nothing happened when I tried applying control inputs with my joystick. It can always connect to Infinite Flight Mid-Flight before, any ideas to how to solves this problem?

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You may need to reconfigure the joystick. Check if any movement on the joystick inputs any movement.

The support category here on the forum should be regarding Infinite Flight and not Third party applications so keep that in mind for the future :)

It still didn’t work.

Have you tried restarting both applications?

Yes I did, I even tried deleting and reinstalling both of them.

And does the joystick input onto the sim? In the settings it will show you.

No the joystick does’t input into the sim.

I believe that’s the issue then.

Have you tried to use your joystick Logitech or extremes one I mean not ur joystick problem try it in solo mode and tell me it’s solved or not

Actually it’s solved now by restarting IF again, a mod can close this now.

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