LiveFlight Connect Not Working

I tried to load LiveFlight Connect and got this. Can anyone help me?

Not the site, the Application. LiveFlight Connect

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Thank you @AviationGaming

This happened to me yesterday, but it was a one time thing. I exited it and reclicked it, it reloaded normally and worked fine. It it is happening to you each time you try to use it, I can’t really help, that would be a Cameron or Misha thing.

It is continuing to happen. Is Mercury in retrograde yet?

I’m sure @Cameron can get down to this. Although you might have to wait a day as it’s 23:00Z which is 11 PM for him.

I restarted my computer and I’m still having the problem


This is LiveFlight Connect, a desktop application used for joystick and keyboard control of IF. No browser required.

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LiveFlight App is working just fine

Should I uninstall and reinstall the application?

I uninstalled it and reinstalled it and it still has the issue.

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