LiveFlight Connect not connecting

Hello, earlier today my LiveFlight connect was working just fine. However know when I try to connect it won’t connect and the joystick isn’t even networked to my phone anymore so it went back to using tilt controls. I’ve tried to restart my router my computer and my phone. I’ve also tried to connect and reconnect to the WiFi and everything.

If anyone can help me that would be greatly appreciated.

Is your computer on the same WIFI as your phone.

Yes, and it was working just an hour ago when I did another flight.

What joystick do you use?

The Logitech 3D extreme pro, but I don’t think it is my joystick because LiveFlight connect isn’t even connecting to my phone.

I have the exact same.

It was acting fine for me 2 mins ago so…

Yeah idk I’ll just maybe try and wait and see if it works later or contact LiveFlight support.

Yeah that might be your best bet!
Hope it’s resolved

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I’m having the same problems, not to mention laggy controls and sudden crashes. I have the same joystick, it’s been working fine and so are my other devices…

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Is your liveflight connect not connecting either?

Sometimes it doesn’t connect, right now it’s connected but controls are laggy and unresponsive, and it still crashes out of nowhere.

Oh, that sucks. Hopefully tomorrow mine will simply be able to connect.

I’m suspecting it’s a problem with LiveFlight since a few of us have the same problem, maybe a fix would come soon.

Hopefully, I just got my joystick last week and it sucks to already be having this problem.

Maybe @Cameron can possibly help.

Sorry for the at if you are busy sir.

Seemed to have this trouble at first but I just had to reset wifi on both devices. Hope that helps :-)

Thanks, but unfortunately that didn’t work. ;(

As of now nothing has worked. I’ve restarted devices and wifi several times, I’ve tried reconnecting many, many times. Even if LiveFlight manages to connect the controls are slow and unresponsive. Liveflight has crashed three times when I was on short final and I’ve had to quit two flights. I’m not in a good mood at the moment, I’ve done everything I can right and it’s still not working.

Same, I’ve tried everything and it won’t connect.

How strong is your WiFi. Mine works perfect and I just want to establish what is going wrong.
Happy Flying