Liveflight Connect Not Connecting


I’m trying to connect a joystick through my PC using liveflight connect but here’s what I’m getting:

I have liveflight connect enabled and my PC is connected to a personal hotspot from my iPad. I also tried having them both on the same normal WiFi network. Is there something I’m missing?



Try reloading your device and Liveflight, deconnecting and re-connecting your router, that worked for me when I had that problem! Good Luck! :)


Still nothing unfortunately.


Oh, that’s sad, let me think…




I messaged Cameron about it so hopefully he’ll know. Thanks for your help though!


Does your device have enough storage?


I’ve got 7.16GB availabile so that’s probably not the issue. Hmmmmmm


also have the same problem :/

  1. Both devices are on the same network?

  2. You have Infinite flight connect checked in the IF settings?

  3. Make sure nothing wifi or router wise has changed

  4. Make sure also if you have an antivirus software downloaded on your computer that you allow this application to run. (I had to play around with mine just to get the message to popup to click “allow”)

Sorry if none of these work. I had the same problem and the last one worked for me


I had that problem and solved it by playing around with firewall rules. You might want and try to loosen these rules and see if it connects.