Liveflight connect issues


I have plugged my joystick (Logitech 3D Extreme) into my new pc, it doesn’t have the joystick tab like Mac OS so I’m sort of confused as I have it plugged in but it doesn’t work in game. Sorry if there’s a simple answer to this, just confused on this new layout and why the joystick doesn’t appear/work anywhere.

Hello, frequent live flight connect user here 👋

I’m assuming your pc is connected to infinite flight, did you go to settings (in IF) -> controls -> Use Network Joystick?

That does not appear :/

Nevermind, it’s decided to work now… Mods can close this now.

Note: It only seems to work when connected to an IPv4 address, not IPv6.

I used to have this issue. If you start liveflight connect before starting IF IPv6 will never occur to frustrate you.