LiveFlight Connect issues

Firstly, I’m sorry this is in developer by accident, if it belongs somewhere else change it pls. I put it in this category because it doesn’t suit IF support.

I use LiveFlight connect on my Laptop and use the auto nav setting but it disconnects every time I use it. @AR_AR @carmalonso

I don’t know what device it would be, such as my laptop or my iPad. Please advise me.

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I don’t know anything about that sorry :(

Maybe try @DavidCutler or @carmalonso

No errors? Anything weird on the screen that you could screenshot?

AutoNav sends and receives commands continuously to keep in sync with IF. Maybe it’s a network issue?

Sorry for the late reply, Ar.

I could get a screenshot but what it does is it stays connected on my Laptop, but switches the WiFi off after a while.

Is liveflight down now? I cant access to it.
it shows this

Yes, Cameron is working on it.