LiveFlight Connect Issues

Alright, I am back once again. This time it’s live flight. Every time it try’s to find my phone it says connected to the IP. But it’s connected to MY computer, not my phone.

Is there any way I can get this fix?

Tried doing:
Reinstalling live flight on pc.
Restarting both pc/phone.
And switching wifi networks.

I think this category is supposed to be in #support and a mod or staff should be with you shortly.

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Since it relates to a 3rd party app, I think it belongs in 3rd party.


Sorry I am new here. I just made this account a few days ago. Sorry!


That’s alright. This link should get you to the Live Flight support page. :)

Are you talking about LiveFlight Connect for joysticks? You need it running on your PC and it should connect to you phone

Nah its alright, ill let @DiamondGaming4 or a mod help you out since they know more than me :) Good luck!

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Are you using a range extender for you internet? That has been known to cause some issues.

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