LiveFlight Connect Issue

I’m having LiveFlight Connect issues.

  • I’m on the same wifi
  • Enable Live Flight Connect is on.

Today is my first day on vacation and it has been acting up like this since we got there.
Can anyone help me troubleshoot?

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What’s current problems are you facing

It simply won’t connect to my phone. We’re on my vacation and it normally works at home.

What device are you currently using

Explain more about the wifi.

A Lenovo Flex 14 laptop and an iPhone 6S. But the device makes no difference, it is likely the wifi.

Ok you should test the strength of the wifi here.

For LiveFlight Connect (it’s a PC application), both devices must be on the same wifi. Both are on the same wifi and Enable LiveFlight Connect in settings is on.

On the computer, on the phone, or both?

On the iPhone

I got a 10 on the ping, a 126.69 on the download, and a 31.27 on the upload. What does that mean?

Well the wifi seems to be running smoothly.

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Are you able to take a screenshot?

The laptop app (the thing that is experiencing issues) is stuck on this screen.

I assume you’ve already restarted your computer?

I have, once. Both the computer and the phone.

He did that

I have stated twice that both are on, but the Fore Flight doesn’t really matter here. The device has already been restarted.

Okay try deleting LiveFlight connect from the computer’s storage, then download it again.

I have removed it, now to reinstall it.

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