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Hello guys
Anybody here have a knowledge and time to improve an app called LiveFlight Connect? For those who don’t know what this app does; it helps you connect your joystick to the IF through wifi network… The app is an open source so anyone can contribute to its improvement… The problem with it is that it has some issues where it suddenly stops responding and ended up freezing which lead to crash especially on final… Unfortunately I don’t have coding experience nor knowledge to contribute to this project but I’m seeking a help… I rely on my joystick to improve my flying skills for future join of flying school… I would appreciate if anyone could help in improving this app…

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Hi There! LiveFlight Connect is now longer supported by its developer. See here for more information.

However, there is a new alternative in public testing. Check it out!


@KaiM I know it’s no longer supported but its improvement can be done by others as it’s an open source… The app you’ve mentioned stopped working and it’s unfortunately out of benefits…

I’m afraid it’s fairly old software, and to be honest it needs a rework from the ground up (using the new Connect API) to work properly. MapFlight was working last time I tried it, but keep in mind it’s still in alpha so issues are definitely expected.

@KaiM The problem with Map Connect is in its fluctuations… Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t… For example I have just tried it and it says CONNECTED on the main screen but no (Use Networked Joystick) option was there… Yesterday it was the same issue… Before 3 days it was working perfectly… So it depends on your luck… Haven’t flown since then due to that issue… Moreover; when you close IF; the main screen still shows CONNECTED

There is a new application in Alpha right now! To check out that project, that basically does the same go here: Map Connect - Use your Joystick and Keyboard to fly!
Keep in mind that it is still in the first version, and also it seems to have issues atm, it in general this will most likely be the better option

@Maximilian1805 I mentioned that in my first reply… I have used this app and reported many problems… The developers updated the first version but still there’re connection issues… Unfortunately the developers aren’t free to work on their app and i just wanted to know if someone can help in improving LiveFlight Connect… LiveFlight Connect is great in term of user interface and functionality but it is not stable and freezes constantly… I never have had a problem in LiveFlight Connect bind to my joystick…

What I meant was that at the moment there is sadly no perfect way to use a joystick (I think it works flawless if you connect a joystick directly to your Android device) but in the long term the one I linked will be the better option, because it’s getting updated and improved, while LiveFlight Connect isn’t even supported anymore by its developers… The only thing you can do is wait it out and hope that MapFlight Connect will work better in the future

@Maximilian1805 Unfortunately i use IOS device so I cannot directly connect an external device to it… I just wanted to get some help… I know Map Connect is a promising app but it has some problems now and developers are busy with their study… I couldn’t do any flights because of this and i wanted to improve my flying skills that’s why i bought a joystick… In addition to what I mentioned; i cannot afford using highly realistic simulators in the market… One of the IF developers has told me that LiveFlight Connect is an open source app so anyone with good coding skills can improve it that’s why i asked…

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