LiveFlight Connect improvement

Lately i have started to loose my flights on final because this app keeps crashing and disconnecting my joystick from the simulator… I have just recently lost a five hours flight because the joystick stopped responding so i crashed 500 feet before landing… I want a solution for this problem as I bought the joystick especially for IF and now flying isn’t a fun with such issues…


Unfortunately, as of February 26th 2020, LiveFlight Connect is no longer maintained.

The apps are still available for download and the source code is available, however, no official updates are planned, nor will support be provided for any issues.

Source: LiveFlight


It is however completely open source and available for anyone who wants & can to improve upon :)


I hope someone can help to improve the app as i cannot fly without my joystick and my experience declining a lot because of disconnection.

What’s the benefit of a joystick i have bought then? That’s very annoying as I can’t fly without a joystick

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Joysticks are optimized for desktops, not mobile platforms. Live flight connect was a tool that helps bridge that gap. With it being open source hopefully one of th many user developers we have can help out.

Yes i know joysticks are designed mainly to be worked on desktop but I bought it after reading many reviews and opinions here in the forum and after watching many videos… It was working good at first but after that the performance has been declining fast and disconnecting AP has become a nightmare… After you try to fly with joystick; it’s difficult to get back to normal flying method…

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Had the same issue which brought to violations.

But it somehow stopped happening.

(I use the Thrustmaster Airbus TCA joystick and it adds so much pleasure to fly in IF)

Here is what I do to limit the issues although it may or may not actually help (haven’t gone through advanced testing to verify the efficiency of each of the below point):

• I found that LiveFlight works better on PC than a mac (but that could just be due to the age of my Mac)

• I launch LiveFlight connect once I’m ready to pushback and won’t leave the IF app (either by switching to another app or tapping the home button). Even as much as changing the brightness of your screen would make you place the IF app in the background.

• I do not calibrate the controls in IF

• I make sure the computer I run LiveFlight connect on doesn’t go on sleep mode (either screen or computer itself).

• I quit LiveFlight connect once at cruise

• I reconnect upon descent (again making sure not to leave the IF app after I reconnected) and make sure controls are working by extending flight spoilers and back rapidly.

• I disengage AP at 2,000ft or above to hand fly the plane - which is also a lot more fun to do with a joystick.

• I don’t clear the cache after I launched LiveFlight connect and before disconnecting it.

If you get violations level 1, make sure to contact a moderator with a reply and all necessary details.

I hope this helps.

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Do we know if IF intends to integrate a joystick module in the sim?
It would be really nice since joystick is the ultimate way to hand fly a plane :)

I also noticed that when I’m on final and all but SPEED A/P’s controls are of, if I then disengage SPEED too, plane pitches up severely.
This should be the case as speed shouldn’t have any correlation with pitch so i’m assuming there is something software related that somehow connects all AP functions.
But I find it easier to disengage the AP fully at least 2,000ft AAL to hand fly the aircraft until touchdown.


You will have to elaborate on that.

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Ha! Yes it may have not been the best wording ever, sorry. Not much of a software engineer unfortunately.

What I meant was a functionality / feature directly integrated in the IF program which would automatically detect a joystick and would allow IF to directly control it without a 3rd party app if you will.

The connectivity could be USB to lighting port for iPad or mini USB for other devices; Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Whichever is easier or more reliable.

I guess it would somehow ressemble the connection that IF has with ForeFlight.

Not sure if it would require a dongle, some sort of drivers or else but having it integrated would certainly limit the use of 3rd party app whether they are supported by IF or not.

I hope it makes more sense now. Bottom line it would be an integrated joystick control feature.

You’ll have to bring that up with Apple and joystick manufacturers.

Problem #1:
Apple does not allow any USB-devices to provide direct input. Which in terms make it impossible for a USB joystick to work.

Problem #2:
Apple does allow Bluetooth devices to provide direct input, but there’s no Bluetooth joysticks out there last time i checked.

Neither of these problems are things for us to solve :)

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Well that’s where I disagree.
The “is meant to…”, “Will likely ever be fixed…” etc… is what brings businesses to failure.
I’ve been In business strategy for over 15 years, so rather confident when I say this.

Not only has IF shown their ability to make a simulator which most would have thought impossible, unattractive, meant to be on a PC etc… but they’ve kept innovating in a clever and overall magnificent way, which led to the success of this simulator.

Point being that flying IF brings the flying experience to another level. I was myself rather opposed to get a joystick, but after 3,000FH I got the Airbus TCA and it multiplied the realism of flying in IF.
In addition, it’s not unlikely nor impossible because we go super close thanks to LiveFlight Connect. Right now my joystick works like a charm and I’m having a blast improving my hand flying with it in IF.
I’ll even order the Airbus Quadrant throttle when available.

Because when I’m on the road, flying by titling the iPad is indeed what I need. But when I’m at home - as I’ve been the past 7 months due to the pandemic - why should a joystick compatibility not be considered at some point?

The one thing IF is meant to be is realistic and mobility compatible. And no one can beat them on that field. The unexpected recent procedure addition blew me away and perfectly matched the path towards more realism. I believe joysticks aim at the same goal. Especially when I see how many people are wanting to fly with a joystick.

But I see where you come from. I was there not too long ago. But believe me, flights are so more pleasant now that I have all cockpit functionalities at the top of my fingers - if not my voice when using voice command with IFA.

Sky is the limit, except for those who wish not to fly.

That’s clear and doesn’t surprise me from Apple unfortunately. I would definitely prefer a wired joystick than Bluetooth.

I guess an app would do the job then - probably like IFA is allowed to take over AP commands for step climb for instance.

So that could be an IF developed feature or a 3rd party.

To be clear this wasn’t a request but kind of an out of the box “nice to have” thought.

That’s literally what LiveFlight Connect does? ;)
IF-A is not any different, at all. It just loops the commands but it does so in the same way LF Connect does via the Connect API.

99% of the issues comes from the computer it’s being used on. Power saving modes and what not on the WiFi controller used in the computer.

Agreed and LFC does a decent job.
But since there are a few left issues while using a joystick and the program is (or soon will be) no longer supported, I have concerns about the future of joystick use in IF.

Given the number of requests for joystick use, I’m hoping that IF or a 3rd party would keep doing some work around that - even if it meant an extra in-app purchase.

And absolutely, I’ve seen huge difference of stability between my Mac and my PC.

Luckily, things are now working beautifully with my joystick so I’m enjoying flying in IF more than ever.

I think there’s a misunderstanding here.
What it means, is that there’s no technical support available from LiveFlights end. That’s stopped. And there will be no more updates from LiveFlights end either.

As it’s using the Connect API, it will continue to work with Infinite Flight as long as the API isn’t drastically changed.

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That was clear to me. But as the game evolves and some current issues remain unfixed (computer related or otherwise) it may mean that current matters as well as future potential glitches won’t be solved; thus not completely in line with how meticulous And advanced IF is about graphics, physics, features and the sim in general which makes it the #1 sim for mobile devices.
Not a big deal but would have been the icing on the cake if you know what I mean.

I’ve got some free time this week… might have a shot at improving it (no guarantees it’ll work but I’ll try), but I’ll need some more details to try and replicate the issues you’re having.

  • Are you on Windows or Mac?
  • What are the expact issues you’re having? The more details the better here.
  • Is there any sort of pattern as to when you have these issues?