LiveFlight Connect Freezes


Hi,I was about to have a long haul flight to beijing, but I got a issue with LFC.
I’m using T-flight hotas X joystick on if, and it used to work normally. But today, 30 seconds after starting flight, the program just freezed and joystick stopped working. I tried restarted the app and program both, but it didn’t fixed anything and freezed after 30s. Feels like losing all controls after takeoff. How can I solve this problem?
Additional Info: iPhoneXs, Battery saving mode was off and all background app was closed. Wifi was on and working as normal.

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I Also Face This Problem So I Do Not Know What To Say

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I experience a similar problem, after a 2HR flight there is a major input delay

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There has been some issues over the weekend, the developer is probably taking break. He will be notified when he will see this or other related topics.

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Even if it happened to me.

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I have the same problem sometimes. I find turn off your computer. Wait a little while. Then turn it back on.

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@A320fan @Aly2120 @Murilo_Heindrich
Guys I have found the temporary solution!
1.Turn on the program first
2.Then turn on your IF app
3.THEN connect your joystick into computer
It prevents disconnecting or freezing of printing error messages for my laptop!. Hope it works for your computer

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Idk why but my joystick needs to be connected before I turn on LFC


Thank you very much, I’ll do that. Last days I spent shame in the approach and some taxiing. I will try to do this☺☺☺☺


I’m having a problem connecting period. I am a paying subscriber also. If anyone knows what’s going on and know how to fix this please pm.