LiveFlight Connect FPL Error: Can not create SSL/TLS Secure Channel

Whenever I attempt to create a flight plan on LiveFlight Connect, it tells me “Could not create SSL/TLS Secure Channel” Any resolutions? I’m looking for anyone to help me solve this issue. The reason why I would like to use this feature is to make it easier for me to fly, but it would not let me. Hoping for somebody to fix this. Capture|830x468

Hello and welcome to the community!

I think this may need to go one #thirdparty or #support (I don’t really know which one)

Maybe contact @Cameron he might help you out (I believe he was one of the developers for LiveFlight connect)

Thank you for responding, but by chance would you know any ways to contact him? I am quite new.

Send him a private message. (Click on the name and it’ll show message at the top). This way you can explain in more detail what the issue you are facing to him. @Cameron, welcome to the community btw :)

Actually I think you need to be TL1 or TL2 to PM people

I meant for @deano cause he needs the support

Sorry. Yeah Cameron will need to PM him then. Unless there’s anybody here that can help with the issue. I use Liveflight but don’t know about troubleshooting it.

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Alright thank you

AutoNav was contributed by a third party and is no longer supported, sorry about that! I recommend you use instead. Cheers!


Alright thank you, I thought it was something on my end. Thank you once again.

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