LiveFlight Connect for Android

Does live connect work for android and is it fastly responsive?

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I assume you mean @Cameron s Liveflight Connect :)

Yes, it works like a charm. Depending on your connection there may be a little delay but it is very controllable.

Do you mean the app it’s self. No, it’s only for Windows and Mac the application. It’s compatible with Android and IOS to work with IF app (the game). If you’re talking about live flight and that case yes it works with Android and it works smooth .

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@Cameron can explain well

LiveFlight connect works for both IOS and Android. In order for it to work you must have the Connect API enabled in settings with a stable connection. It is quite responsive but can have a slight delay depending on the connection as already stated.


I’ve had problems with it, that’s why I don’t use it anymore.

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