LiveFlight Connect - FlightPlanDatabase Not Working?

So when I try to use the FlightPlanDatabase on LiveFlight Connect it comes up with a message saying ‘Error: Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel’. Can anyone help?


Here’s an example.

I believe @Cameron could help if he will be active. I never use Live Flight Connect, so I am not used to such errors.

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There have been some issues, I think Cameron has been working on it.

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Thanks all!

FlightPlanDatabase support was added by a third party and I don’t support it anymore, sorry about that!

A much better solution these days is as it’s a lot more fully featured :)



Those were issues with the main LiveFlight platform (the flight tracker)

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Alright, I have always been wondering since I got LiveFlight! Thanks!

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OP asked for closure.