LiveFlight Connect Flight Plan Database Error

Hi there guys,

I have been trying for hours now to get the flight plan database in LiveFlight Connect to work, I simply just dont understand what im doing wrong, the installation video shows him just straight installing it and working right away. that simply isn’t happening for me.

These are the errors im receiving:

Liveflight%20database%20issue Autonav

Anybody have any suggestions?

May I ask the reasons for using it? You are aware that IF global supports Auto Nav right?

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LiveFlight Connect uses VNAV. That’s one advantage. It can also control speed :)


The only thing I can suggest is getting the FPL onto IF and then retrieve it from that.

I made up a quick route in IF and tried to retrieve it on FLC and that did not work either.

Try reinstalling LiveFlight. I would recommend using SimBrief and FPLtoIF in the future. Also, that’s a lovely arrival airport you have planned. 😉


I have 3 times and still no luck, typical im the only person it doesnt seem to be working for lol.

Simbrief is good but im a long haul pilot and step climbs are pretty important. Autonav would help a lot in that regard so if i can resolve this that would be ideal.

thanks for the replies so far :)

Wondering if anybody else has any ideas the issue is still occuring.

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