LiveFlight Connect FAQ

Hello everyone! Cam and I decided to create a FAQ page for repeated questions that the community has asked us. Below are a few questions that may help save you some time in setting up your LiveConnect. If you have any other issues with LiveConnect other than the ones that follow, please PM Cam or myself. We hope that you all have been enjoying LiveConnect and we have much more in store for the community!

  • The installation process may call for you to run the program past your Firewall due to the way it is programmed. If a Windows Security Alert window opens, be sure to Allow Access on private and public networks, otherwise LiveFlight Connect will not work.

Fixing connection issues where it keeps on saying the “Connecting to Infinite Flight” continuously:

  • Make sure the devices are on the same network
  • Infinite Flight Connect needs to be enabled (if you can throw a screenshot in that’d be perfect)
  • Try restarting router, PC and IF device
  • If you are using a wifi extender and it isn’t working, try switching it off.
  • If you are on a public network (work, school, uni network), it probably won’t work because the ports are blocked

Will the Autopilot NAV mode be coming to OS X?

  • Yes in the near future :)

How do you set up arrow keys, D/C keys to fly plane with a keyboard?

  • Check out our Facebook post for a full explanation.


Why isn’t my T.Flight Hotas X not working?

  • Flip the switch on the back to “PC”, not “PS3"

​Can’t download windows version on android phone.

  • You’ve already answered your own question.

Do I need new app in my mac?

  • This is a companion app that transmits your joystick movements to your iPhone. Handy because you can’t plug your joystick into your iPhone.

Is this available if you have a paid Live subscription?

  • You do not have to have a live subscription for this program to work. :)

Joysticks that have been tested and are compatible (so far):

  • Hotus Thrustmaster X
  • Saitek Yoke and Throttle Quadrant
  • Saitek X52 Pro
  • Logitech Extreme 3D Pro

If initial issue diagnosis please complete the following steps:

  • Go to Connect (top menu), “Advanced Settings” and press Enable Logging
  • Restart Connect
  • Try and reproduce the issue (move the joystick around, press a few keyboard keys, etc.)
  • Email the file “LiveFlight_log.txt” on the Desktop.

You can download LiveConnect here:

LiveConnect is a free and open source client. If you wish to make contributions to LiveConnect then visit


Thank you for this, yesterday I was having problems with my Hotas X until Carmalonso told me to switch the thing to PC, I never saw the switch. xD

I tried it several times also with the help of Cameron, but I couldn’t make it work. Joystick does not work on Macbook pro. It is the 3D Pro joystick from Amazon.

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Sorry to hear that Alberto. Unfortunately, only a few joysticks are compatible with LiveFlight Connect.

Would you suggest me a good one, compatible also with a Macbook pro?

How far did you get with it? The 3D pro should work perfectly if setup correctly.

There was no way I could make the joystick funtioning. The most I could do —with your assistance — was to try to configure the axes. But, after that, nothing happened. The other issue is that I cannot see the image on my macbook pro screen.

Oh, I remember… Try redownloading Connect, I made a few updates in the last version.

Screen mirroring isn’t handled by Connect, btw.

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Thanks, Cameron. I will do it and pm you.

Hi, I need the link to try to redownload the updated app. Thanks.

Same website, redownload the file and you’ll get the latest one - :)

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Thanks, Will try to do it.

Got the app running on both devices (iPad 2 & Macbook), but when I log in to Infinite Flight on the iPad, I cannot see it on the mac. Both are set to ATC playground, Caribbean Region, Enable Flight Connect is On.

Both are set to ATC playground

Are you definitely using the downloaded OS X app? You can’t set servers in that.

I’m using version OS El Capitán.

Try to see if the answer is on this page, if not let us know:

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What versions are recommended then?

Versions of what?

You asked me if I was using the OS X and that I cannot use that. I answered that I am using OS El Capitan (vers. 10.11) on my Mac.

Link doesn’t work Cameron.

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