LiveFlight Connect does not Connect

Hello IF Community, I downloaded the LiveFlight Connect program on PC and then tried to use it on IF with the Infinite Flight Connect On, I tried restarting my computer after installing and even the WiFi networks, so do any of oyu guys have recommendations?

Take a read over this topic. It may answer what you are looking for.

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That really doesn’t give me an answer to why it doesn’t work, I understand that it’s giving more IP Addresses but it still doesn’t work, I’ve tried everything, including uninstalling and re-installing.

First are you running IF on iOS or Android?
Second, are you using a apple or windows PC?

If you’re running a windows PC, check your firewall settings. It could be blocking the connection. Also, not sure if this should be in #support.

@vietscrub4 Did you see what I posted above?

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