LiveFlight connect crashes randomly

Hey everybody, here I have a serious problem. I have a Logitech 3D Extreme Pro that I use for infinite flight. I plug the joystick into my MacBook Pro (13 inch) and use LiveFlight connect to connect to my iPad mini 2, iOS 11.1. The problem is, LiveFlight Connect randomly crashes, and can result in my Aircraft spinning our of control and eventually crashing. My WiFi is usually strong, and the only reason I could find of this happening is if the WiFi went out, which it doesn’t. (Happened once)

Is it my computer OS? I’ve tried installing LiveFlight Connect, and the problem was fixed for about a day, and then it kept crashing. Do you have this problem? How can I fix it? Thanks!

I am pretty sure this is a known issue that Cameron said he was getting ready for a fix on, however I would recommend a restart of your computer.

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I do that regularly. I’ll update to High Sierra and see if that helps.

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