LiveFlight Connect compatibility updates

As many LiveFlight Connect users may have noticed, there are issues involving disconnections and crashes when updating Infinite Flight to the latest December update (MD11/DC10s).

Just wanted to give a quick update and an explanation as to what’s happening:

What’s causing the crash?

The latest update added support for Infinite Flight to broadcast multiple IP addresses for an app like LiveFlight Connect to connect to - it’s basically like giving your postman a few variations of your home address for him to deliver your post.

Up until now, LiveFlight Connect was designed to only be given and connect to one address - this is the same for other Connect-based apps, with the exception of John’s In-Flight Assistant which runs on the same device.

What’s being done about it?

This is the bit people are probably most interested in :)


In theory, the Windows version of LiveFlight Connect should already support this, although some people are telling me they are experiencing crashes. I’m about to take a look at this issue as soon as I post this.

When solved, an automatic update will be pushed to all existing LiveFlight Connect users on Windows (you can uninstall the app and reinstall it when the update is out to be sure you have received it - I’ll post when it’s out in this thread).


Just finished adding support for this and I’ve just sent the update off to the App Store - it has to go through Apple’s infamous review, but the good news is review times for macOS are said to be roughly a day (could be less!).

This update may also fix a crash a lot of people have made me aware of - I spent a fair bit of time going over the existing codebase and making updates.

Thanks so much for your patience with this! Just a quick reminder to all that LiveFlight Connect is completely free and open-source - if you’re a fan of what I do, I’d really appreciate it if you subscribed to LiveFlight Horizon on the web or on iOS, I have a cool update in the works and I couldn’t continue to work on it without your valuable support :)

Happy landings and enjoy the new Infinite Flight update!


Thank you for your answers for all those people who use LiveFlight Connect. It will also help us regs help those who make a new post about this.

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Windows update has been pushed - if you open LiveFlight Connect, it should automatically download the update and will install the second time you start it. If it’s still failing, please try uninstalling and reinstalling (see this for more info:


Yes! Thanks so much! Can’t wait to fly again.

I have tried updating and reinstalling LFC but it still has the same issues as before, I’m on PC (windows 10) and Android (pixel 2 xl running android 8.1.0)

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same for me to. hope it gets fixed soon

Thanks for the ultra-fast response! You app adds so much realism to my flight!

Updated version crashes on opening.
Windows 10 PC
Anroid 7 Nvidia tablet
Will keep trying and report back.

Sorry about that - could you try reinstalling again? Cleared the cache so update should definitely come through

Hey Richard, would you be able to try reinstalling again now? Cheers!

OK, going to unitall new update and reinstall, Previous version did work.
Thanks again for everything.
Was not complaining, just an alert.
Live Connect makes life so good here.

Yep, understood it wasn’t a complaint and appreciate the info - worked fine here when I tested it so my theory is the update hasn’t installed properly for some reason… let’s hope the reinstall brings some luck :)

Sorry, still crashing.
Even ran as administrator. Restarted computer, etc.
Will continue with my morning coffee and report back.
Confident it’s on my end.

OK, sorry about that… I can’t repro it on my end so I’ll add some exception tracking and push a new version. Cheers

So is the LiveFlight Connect on yours end working? Because I’m on macOS and have yet to receive the update.

macOS update is still waiting for review from Apple - you’ll see an update in the Mac App Store once it’s approved

I know, I’m asking is LiveFlight Connect working normally on your Windows device?

I already released an update to the Windows version, it’s working on my end but a few people are still experiencing issues which I’m looking into.

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Thanks for the conformation!

I just pushed another update which should send me a notification when the app crashes. Could you try reinstalling again to see if we have any luck this time? Cheers!

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