LiveFlight Connect causing Infinite Flight to disconnect

Hello friends! During today’s flight or always I fly in full place the Infinite flight ease off. I do not know if it’s because of Flight Connect.
I did these tests:
I looked at wifi: This is normal
I cleaned cache: This file always before starting the flight.

feature Samsung Tab A 8.0

Thanks for the attention and I hope this has a solution. It is very bad at the approach that it disconnects and Flight connect stops working.

Could you please describe a bit more detailed?
What is disconnecting? And how do you know it is?
Or is this a problem with LiveFlight Connect?


Yes! Thanks for attencion.
When I’m flying at cruising altitude the infinite flight gets disconnected. I simulate with joystick using flight connect. So every time the infinite flight gets disconnected the flight connect stops working. Today in an infinite flight flight has disconnected 5 times. Now I do not know if Flight connect is causing this problem. Already had moments that in the approach he disconnected and caused an accident. And this is very annoying.

Thanks for the clarification!
I’d say the first step in the troubleshooting would be to see if it happens if you don’t use LF Connect.

We haven’t seen any increases in connectivity issues, so it’s most likely caused by either LF Connect or your local Wifi.

But first, try without Connect and see if it gets better. My bet is, it will.

Thank you again
I’m going to do this test today for a 3 hour flight from I see if without Flight Connect and stay normal. As soon as I realize I send you the answer in this topic, okay? I will be as brief as possible to close the topic as resolved.

Thank you!!

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Hello @schyllberg
I took the test and realized that the problem is in Flight Connect. I made the flights without Flight Connect and had no problems with connection. I did the test back using Flight connect and the problem came back and I realized that Flight Connect is disconnecting and falling and causing the Infinite flight to drop the connection.

Thanks! At least we have something more to work with now.

Exactly what is disconnecting in Infinite Flight when this happens? Could you provide anymore details surrounding that?

Hello again!
I had noticed that when I did the last test using Flight connect, the FLC was dropping and then my Infinite flight dropped too. I went to see if there were any comments about the disconnection of the FLC from the third party, but I realized that I had no comments on the problem.

So I went to research what caused the wifi to crash. This article explained that when the PC or notebook is in sleep or power mode with a few minutes the wifi disconnected. So I put the option never.

Another article I’ve seen explained that it’s very common to drop wifi when FIRMWARE is outdated. So I did an update of my TL-LINK WIFI and made a 2 hour flight and did not have the fall anymore.

For those who have the same problem that I have TL-LINK, this has solved the problem for now.

So @schyllberg @Cameron , it looks like it’s settled. In case the problem comes back I create a topic to try to solve, but I hope that this solves definitively. Thanks for attencion!!

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