LiveFlight Connect Box

How difficult it is to build a box that when turned on launch Liveflight Connect and connect to wifi so you dont have to have a PC to hook a joystick?

I don’t really understand your question. Are you asking how to connect a joystick without a PC?


This mythical box you are talking about is called a PC. Magical, I know. I suppose you could buy a Raspberry PI, but you will always require a monitor and software to use the applications


@Cameron you need to put something like this on sale.


You still need a display for LF Connect, so i don’t really see the point of this? May be possible with a Raspberry Pie running Windows IoT Core…

Does Live flight Connect even has Linux support?

You can run windows 10 IoT on the raspberry PI - thus meaning you can run live Flight connect on it.

Yes bad driver support tho

I can connect my joystick to IF. I was just expressing an idea to have a ‘box’ that specifically run LiveFlight Connect on startup, connects to your wifi, has major joystick drivers so you dont have to use you PC to hook up a joystick.

Connect automatically detects IF so if LiveFlight connect launched on startup, you dont need the screen. I dont know much about coding to build it myself. But its just an idea that popup while i was flying.

Am i missing something? I use the LF Connect just to make it detects IF and te joystick. Is there any other use of it apart from FlightPlan and AutoNav? I dont use those.

Well, test it out like this:
Turn off your display you’re currently using and tell me how it works using Connect ;)

Magic boxes confirmed


If someone has an old tower around somewhere with Windows XP or 7 on it, you could go to task manager and tell it to start Live Connect on start-up and then wifi it or ethernet. Who knows, you miight know someone with a laptop so old they just threw it in their closets that might work.
(I happen to know a couple people with old towers in their closets that are too big to use as door stops :)

I cant seem to find LF Connect as an option to launch on startup. If that is an option i can rip apart my laptop display and use LF without the display. ;)

Its not listed in the option somehow.

Wait… I didn’t know magic boxes called PC’s existed! What is this sorcerey?

To be clear, i know how to configure the LF with a PC.
Cant you see I am suggesting an all new device here? Of course a PC work. I am just trying to express my idea for someone who might make it work.

It has to be a machine running Windows or macOS, so yeah, a PC or similar is required for Connect to even function.


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