LiveFlight Christmas Logo Winner!

LiveFlight Christmas Logo Competition

Hey guys! Thanks for all the wonderful submissions we had for the logo competition. It took quite a while to decide on them, but eventually, a winner was found. We have selected a runner-up too as the quality was so high.

Without further ado, I would like to congratulate the two forum members who submitted what we thought we original yet good quality renditions on the LiveFlight logo.


Congratulations to @Casa. All the submissions were of the highest standard, and we really did have trouble trying to decide which one. After much deliberating, we decided on one of the Christmas tree style logos. It was both original yet stuck to the LiveFlight theme. As promised, you will be given a free 1-year Horizon sub.


Congratulations to @Nate_Schneller for his submission. We liked the Christmas themed colouration, and it was a little different to some of the others submitted. It was a close run thing between this submission and the winner. As an appreciation of the submission, you get 6 months free Horizon!

Thanks again to all those who entered. We had a lot of entries and engagement, so many Easter might be…eggciting for the LiveFlight logo once again. @Casa and @Nate_Schneller we will be in contact in a moment hang tight.

Thanks, and to those who partake, Happy Christmas!


Wow, that’s a beautiful logo @Nate_Schneller!


Very nice job guys!!


Congratulations to the winners! I still think mine was the best though! 😜


Congrats @Casa and @Nate_Schneller for some awesome editing. Job well done 👌🏽👍🏼


It’s the first time I’ve placed second in an official competition! Congrats to all who had partook in this awesome competition! @Casa be sure to enjoy that extra year! 👍🏻😊


Congratulations guys ! Both look unique and very festive!

Congrats to the winners!!! @Casa and @Nate_Schneller !!!

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What… @IFPHGOFFICIAL didn’t win??? What kind of alternate world is this???

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Rumour has it that Nate learnt from Erwin and Nate became better than Erwin. And Nate won


Exactly what happened, No offense to him though. 👍🏻

I mean technically he didn’t


Relative to Erwin yes right

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Whaaaaat. I thought I would have won both positions. What was wrong with mine xD?

Congrats to the winners! When will the logo change? I checked on their website and it’s showing the original logo for me still.

Including Dush’s? 😉

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We automatically ignore Dush in general, no exception here :)


Dush entered? Who knew


That’s odd… I was sure Dush had 1st place secured.

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Yes. His was the best overall.