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Hey guys! hope you doing all well. just a small question,
Is it just me or is someone else’s LiveFlight App isn’t working at all?

Both the iOS and the web versions are loading fine on my side. It took a few seconds to load up everything, but it works. :)


Hello there. What you are experiencing is certainly not normal, have you tried restarting the application and checked your internet connection?

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Hello. yes i have, i even restarted my phone idk it’s just saying connecting to server but nothing’s happening.

Okay and are you using WIFi or mobile data? I would suggest using the other to see if that solves the issue as it’s working fine for me and Adrien right now and it’s usually a widespread issue when it goes down.

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Do you have any adblocker-app?

No i don’t think so.

If you have an update, try to update the app.

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Please logout your account (if u have logged in), and login again, if the problem continues, please contact @Cameron or me.

Are there any filters on your WiFi network? Try accessing the website ( to see if that loads

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the website works normally.

Odd - are you trying to access it from a work/school network?

Ermm… If he has the option between you and The actual developer of LiveFlight… I think he’s gonna choose Cameron…

P.S Cam, teamVal; 1- nill 😉😉

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