LiveFlight App Findings

Since we have a flightradar24 findings topic, and live flight app is now available on IOS, I thought it would be interesting to have a similar topic.

So this is to talk about things you find on Live Flight App!


Ok, this is so weird, but here goes. I was on Liveflight app, then I saw that there was one aircraft out of region (over India) so I zoomed out and I saw so many aircraft flying outside of regions, like over Russia, UAE. But a few seconds after the app crashed.

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I saw Laura on LiveFlight. She departed from a San Francisco Airport, flew out of region and was flying some sort of pattern. Maybe testing…

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The app must have made an oops and showed you top secret stuff, so it had to shut down before you saw too much. 😏


That’s what I thought 😏



He took off at tahoe

She, not he :)

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If this happens again, let me know - I’m interested in finding out what’s causing this :)


Maybe you posted an Airshow photo somewhere in the app instead of the Aircraft 😜

Nice thread. I’ve seen some cool pattern work and extremely long FPL’s that would of been cool to post.

Oh no, that was a casual shot I just happened to take at home (testing new camera before heading off to NY once, I believe) :)


Haha, should’ve been a bird ;)

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Why blur out the name? 🙄

Super lame, we should be able to see all.

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A few finds now:

Ken Block testing out his Airbus Fiesta GYM10

The new Cessna Citation X-87! With a capacity of 200+ people and intercontinental range!

Didn’t know Trump owned an A-10

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Anyone know what’s up with Live Flight App?

Interesting- I got the same thing. However, similar to an earlier post here, when I relaunched the app I saw a few seconds of planes all over the map out of region, then it all disappears and it looks like yours- no planes, including my own.

Hmm… let’s see what happens if we exit the region

Made my own holding pattern today :)