LiveFlight App Findings

Think of casual server after it gets released 😂


Hope one day on the First April’s radar we will see Misha Camp 😜


What’s happening? Lol


It’s the 737 or A10.

I see a whole lot of BAVA and SVA aircraft inbound to WSSS!


Just bumping this, I challenge you to find some after the beta testers are mostly gone 😂

Currently a plane off, the coast of North Carolina, heading to KMIA in a 737 but waypoints are super werid lmao,

Happens fairly often, especially with flight plans from SimBrief. It occurs when another fix has the same name as the one they choose.

Saw Laura flying a wierd space ship around CDG today, checked and realised it’s a Lufthansa A330. But is it Lufthansa? She could hide a new livery… 😁

Psst. Just reviving this topic as it would be really nice to see what others are flying today. :)


Hello colleagues. Why do the planes I see in LiveFlight do not appear in the IF even though I fly somewhat in LiveFlight.

Lara is at it again

That’s probably the A350 or something, but I wouldn’t mind getting that plane in the photo instead 😂

@maxmustang spotted on Infinite Tracker flying a TBM over the UK. Looks like he flew over RAF Coningsby.


One of the staff, Laura has flown past the destination airport. From Melbourne to Sydney. She must’ve been busy at that time. 😉

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I just searched G-MISH and 2 mishas came up. Both are him.

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I saw @Laura

Probably in an XCub.
No tagging devs @N319CL 😉

Going to see if I can copy KAL 931 tonight!

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They use this for prototype aircraft.