LiveFlight and Amazon Echo

I have an idea for LiveFlight. Yes, I am aware the idea I am about to propose will most likely never happen and will certainly never happen in the near future, I am just sharing the idea.

The Idea:
My idea is that LiveFlight would become compatible with Amazon Echo/Alexa. This would mean people sitting around could say “Alexa talk to LiveFlight and see how long FedEx 16 away from landing” or “Alexa talk to LiveFlight and see what the status of FedEx 16 is”. This would mean people wouldn’t have to get out there other Devices and see where their flight is or they wouldn’t have to get up and go to there device and see how long it has until reaching it’s destination.

You could also add this to Google Home.

I am not sure what catagory this should go in


OMG, I’m surprised I never thought of that!! Such an awesome idea!!!

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Oh why thank you. I am also suprised no one has made a topic of it

I think there’s already been some minor experiments there…


This does seem like a cool idea. I have Amazon Echo and (although I wouldn’t use it) it would be nice to have

Really good idea! Just hoping Echo won’t reply with that creepy laugh though😄

I’ve already played with this last year :) If there’s enough demand, I’ll look at finishing it off!


Oooh found a demo:


It keeps buffering.
I keep suffering.


That looks awesome Cam. Would definitely be a great addition!

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I just recorded that video for me as a proof of concept reminder. My OnePlus One at the time could never keep focused when filming. When I get around to playing with it again I’ll do a nicer video ;-)


It’s fine. Wifi is acting up right now.

Like the new pic, by the way.

Oooo I like that! Hope it gets implemented!

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Internet is working now. That actually is really useful.

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ooh wooow that is amazing!

I do to. If it was implemented it would make deciding which flights to do a lot easier

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