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I don’t know how to use live flight on my IOS device while flying. I always use liveflight on my PC, but it doesn’t seem to have the same features, such as alerts about your time and distance from your destination.

Is there a way to use liveflight on your IOS device while flying? Or as I doubt that is possible, why doesn’t liveflight on the PC have the alert function?

It seems more people would use this feature on their PC, so they can see themselves fly as well as others.

If you have two devices it will still work and if you set the alerts in the background of the device you’re flying in, it would notify you. :)

Thanks, I set the alerts in the background, but I only have one IOS device.

My PC is windows.

It seems the IOS version is much nicer. I wish they had the same features on the PC version. I’m not sure why one has additional features, when it is harder to use in real time and watch yourself and others fly.

LiveFlight doesn’t support web push notifications at this time, but I’m sure your suggestion doesn’t go unnoticed. :)

The push notifications on IOS don’t appear while you are flying in IF.

I am in the middle of a flight now, and I set the app to alert me when I was 60 minutes from my destination. As I passed the less than one hour mark, I paused my flight and there was the alert on my phone.

I don’t see many purposes in an alert unless it actually alerts you while you are flying without having to pause your flight.

Thanks for your reply, I hope they do make this change. I think it would be great. Often when I’m flying and working, I have live flight open on the pc.

If an alert popped up and told me I was 60 miles out, I would love it.

Do you turn do not disturb on while in flight? If you do not turn it on, do you get notifications from other apps while in flight?

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I can get alerts while in flight, just tried it in a C750. :)

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Hi @flightsim12,

There are a few reasons push notifications might not appear on your iOS devices, including:

  1. Push notifications is off for LiveFlight.
  2. Do not disturb is turned on.
  3. Flightplan not loading correctly in LiveFlight. (Cam is in the midst of fixing this issue, so don’t worry)

From what you said above, it looks like either Do not disturb is turned on, or you missed the push notification when it appeared, as by default iOS Push notifications only appear for a few seconds.

Push notifications is an iOS-exclusive feature as of now amongst others, this is the reason why web and iOS subscriptions are priced differently (for more info). It may be added in the future.



Yes, I just got a notification on my screen during my flight.
Thank you so much for anwering my question so precisly.

I didn’t see it as it comes up for only a few seconds as Marcus pointed out.

I hope this thread is helpful to others as well. This is a great community. I’m glad to be a part of it.


You can always check the notification center on your device to see past notifications but if you do so it will pause your flight, which I don’t think anyone would recommend as that can cause problems in-app.

I usually set multiple alerts [you can have more then one alert at one time] based on the distance from the airport in nautical miles (nm) not by time (minutes), so I don’t miss them. Being able to get alerts based on time (minutes) is pretty nice in cruise though. :)

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Adding to what Trio said, you can set your notifications to be persistent instead of temporary, i.e. notification will just appear at the top of the screen until you dismiss it.

Go to Settings > Notifications > LiveFlight > Select ‘Persistent’ (iOS 11)
For iOS 12: Settings > Notifications > LiveFlight > Banner Style > Select ‘Persistent’

Have a good day!


Thanks, All good now. I’m in flight with notifications working for distance and time. :-)

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