LiveATC while on plane

please explain ‘here’ where is it


Yes but it is illegal in england according to these airlines which i mentioned earlier

That may be. I’m not familiar with laws over there.

easyJet is a low cost carrier, you just about get a seat… forget wifi. I don’t think BA offer wifi even though they’re a charter airline. None of the other British companies I’ve flown with have wifi (Thomson, Thomas Cook etc) maybe because they only do short haul holiday flights? We just don’t seem to see it over here.

It isn’t illegal, but none of those three has wifi yet. BA is supposed to have it in the next few years apparently.

BA occasionally do the odd charter but they aren’t a charter airline.

Delta had wifi on board but it was quite pricey i tuned in to liveatc on the plane but yeah its delayed just for a couple seconds cause of safety.

I talked to the pilot before boarding.

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