LiveATC while on plane

Wow that must’ve been amazing… As usually I know they let you in the cockpit only after parking…


I probably will for my Delta flight this summer! I heard Delta allows use of cellular devices during the whole flight

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Well it was a Chicago-Madrid in a Iberia a330-300. In the middle of the ocean they let me enter the cockpit and they show and teach me things like the show me the flight plan and a lot of other things. I was like 45 minutes with them. I had to go but i told them if i could land with them so they called me 10 minutes before landing. It was in the early morning so it was dark and you could see the runway perfectly with the lights. They also gave me the headphones to listen the ATC frequency. They did a perfect and soft touchdown and then we went to parking in the T4s. It was amazing.


Cause you know what is happening.

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U are lucky to have such experience @gea

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It’s allowing if the phone is on airplane mode meaning you can’t use internet or data

Listened in on center and approach on my delta flight today. Pretty cool to hear the descent and heading commands and then feel it at the same time. Works great until wifi shuts off below 10000ft. Couldn’t pick up cell signal in time to hear landing clearance. Wish they kept wifi on.


Cell signal? I thought you have to have your phone off or in flight safe mode?

You can do whatever you want.


No you can’t. I think you may need to talk to the FAA about that.

FAA and airlines don’t really care other than keeping the ban in place to prevent annoying people from talking on the phone while in the air. It is really the voice communication that is “banned”. FCC regulations still recommend airplane mode to not disrupt the cell network while flying 300mph over towers, but are reconsidering now that newer equipment is in place. Basically, there isn’t any issue unless you are making phone calls and annoying other people.

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I guess you know better. Perhaps you should pass your views on to the FAA? Until then you should be aware it is a criminal offence not to follow care instructions regardless of whether you agree with them or not.

Show me the law and the penalty for violation.


How did you go up. Did you ask or did you know the airline or pilot>

Please see here

Specifically under the section about interfering with a crew member and disobeying repeated requests to sit down, return to your seat, or turn off an electronic device.

Also some commentary here

If a crew member repeatedly tells me, I will certainly comply. Just leaving your phone on in normal mode is, if anything, a minor civil offense, not criminal.

FAA doesn’t really care anymore since c.a. 2013. They kept the airplane mode note to comply with FCC. FCC is considering revision of their rules with the installation of micro cell sites on aircraft (already installed on many but only activated out of US airspace).

Anyway, it’s getting off topic. Realistically you don’t get cell signal until altitude is only a few thousand ft max. So you can really only listen to live ATC on wifi over FL100 or on the ground.


How do you get WIFI on planes i have just been to rhodes and valencia within the last few weeks and there was no wifi and it was said it was law to put on airplane mode. I looked even at altitude and there was nothing. This was at 35,000ft flying to gatwick

Planes here offer wifi in flight.

Some carriers have wifi and some don’t. Who did you fly with? You can turn wifi on even when in airplane mode.

easyJet, monarch and British Airways