LiveATC while on plane

Anyone listen to live ATC while on board an aircraft as a passenger? I haven’t but might next time. Would be cool to hear it while on the plane.


Yeah, that would be awesome


How do you expect to listen to atc on a plane? Remember that your not allowed to use any cellular features and most airline have wifi above 10’000feet.


If most airlines have WiFi then it would work


On most international United flights. If the pilot turns the feature on. You can listen into I through the IFE


I guess. You can listen at above 10’000 feets

I’ve never been on an airplane with wifi… Guess I won’t be listening for a very long time.

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Why not? :)

Because the devices interrupt the connection to the ATC.

I think It’s already be a thing in the past, You can use a Wi-Fi even on a plane.

As Example : EgyptAir is now allowing use of cellular phones during the entire flight. Link here

It’s under the FAA law and the FCC also says the same

It’s actually up to the airline according to the FAA. The FCC doesn’t want you using your phone in flight as the speed of travel could mess with the cell network. Chances of interference between a modern phone and modern aircraft instrumentation is virtually zero.


It’s delayed by about 5-10 seconds but I think it would be cool.

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Thanks for the correction. @Narroc_Wim how can it be cool?

One thing that would be bad is if there was a emergency

It’s pretty cool. I did it once when I was onboard a China Eastern 77W departing Beijing International Airport. The frequency I listened to was ZBAA tower.

Nope, I never heard a ATC-pilot conversation during flight. Maybe are not allowed but I saw videos where ATC-pilot conversation are heard. How? That’s the question.

but how do you know in which tower he is comunicating now ?

I guess Guess & Check is needed…

Like when the plane is taxiing towards the runway, tune into GND then when it nears the holding point, tune into TWR and so on

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I had. The other day the pilots let me land with them and the gave me headphones so i could hear the ATC. It was awesome.

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