I know you need access to the Internet to do online flying, but can you do offline flying with live+? (By this, I mean still having access to all the planes and maps even without a connection).


I believe you can once all the planes are downloaded. I have it and it’s great.


Ok cool. I’m going to head out of country for a couple weeks, so I’ll have no cell service and wanted to know if I could still access everything. Thanks!

@Riley_Dunshea Since you have Live+, could you do me a favor with airplane mode on and the app totally closed out, then open IF and make sure you can access everything? I would really appreciate this.

Yes, if you download planes/regions you can access them without Internet.

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Thank you! Now to scrounge up 50 bucks…

Wait… I have Live+ and I can only access the planes and regions on the Internet.

Nope, you need to be logged in, had this situation, all you can fly only purchased ones and free ones, but not ones you unlocked by Live+

In my opinion, Live+ is the best purchase I have ever made. Well worth the money.

If you have a good device it shouldn’t stop the simulator allowing you to use them offfline

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Press Restore Purchases, exit out of IF, go back in and there you go.

@lauwuleens Okay, thanks, kinda saddening to hear that’s how it works. Guess I just need to decide on a few things to buy.

@FedoraPilot What do you mean by this?

I’ve been able to fly aircraft I have on live+ offline before. It may be device but I’ve been able to do on an iPhone4s

No Access to In-App Purchases without internet One of these replies solved the problem. The one by the name staying with an L. This might help y’all.

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