So when I purchased Live+, I’ve been wondering if this purchases the planes & regions or like rents it for that 1 year…

Could someone tell me? Thanks.


Here’s your answer :)


You get them all for the year as part of the deal. Once its finished you still keep anything you have purchased on its own though

Like @NatIsrael972 said, you just answered your own question ;)

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ok, thanks very much :) @emir_sergio & @Lewis_Birdie_Avery & @NatIsrael972.

appreciate it!


I have a question too.
If you do have the Live+,if a new plane comes into the game will it be free?

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With acquiring Live+ all the planes and regions that are currently in the game or to be added while you have this membership will be free. Every year though you must renew this subscription or you will lose all of the regions and planes that you never separately purchased.

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