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Hi there, I’ve been purchasing the 1 month package for a while now and wanted to try the Live + subscription instead. I put in my card details in online and purchased it and it was all fine. Then the page reloaded and said an error occurred, contact support. This has happened a few times and I’m wondering if there’s anything I can do about it?
And also since this, I haven’t been able to access infinite flight live in the app either… please Help!!



Try the checklist I have made when something like this happens

  1. Restart Game and try again.
  2. Restart iPad.
  3. Turn WiFi off and on.
  4. Delete app and reinstall
  5. Ask for help in the community if all else fails, Tyler Shelton or another mod will help you out.

Hey, other users are currently unable to login to live as well. Since it seems to be happening to the vast majority a mod would be the best person to fix it. Although, the community wouldn’t be much help, the mods have been tagged in the other topic and should consult the problem shortly ;)

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Ok no worries thankyou! As long as I’m not the only one :) hopefully they fix it soon


rest assured that even if you were the only one, the mods would take care of it ;)


Hey, thanks for contacting support. @dylonez Pretty much nailed it here, I’d try everything he listed. I’d also say to just double check that you are using the same account you purchased the subscription with. Reading your post it appears that you must be though, so at this point it would be best for you to contact @Tyler_Shelton or @Mark_Denton. They’ll gladly get you back up and running.



It would also be advisable to check you have not purchased it multiple times accidentally during this.

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Appreciate your help! I will see what they can do, thanks :)

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I have made sure so it’s all good :)

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Could you please try now? Server issue have been solved but not 100% sure that the issues you were experiencing were related to that?

I will give it a go and let you know :)

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Nope unfortunately the purchase still isn’t processing :(

Okay… send an email to and Mark or Tyler will help you out as soon as possible.
Make sure to include as much information as possible such as:
Display name
Purchase receipt.

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Thankyou! I am currently chatting to Tyler about it now, we are struggling to find out what the issue is though… hopefully it’s solved soon tho. Appreciate your help :)

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Great to hear! Good luck!

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