I am considering getting live plus. I already have all aircraft and regions. If I buy live plus when it’s over will I lose all my previous purchases?

No you will not. Only your subscription will expire, not previous purchases, those belong to you forever now!

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why buy live+ if u have everything in the first place?

It saves you money in the long term; think about it.

Live is £4 a month
12 months in a year so 4x12=48
£48 for 1 year of live

If I buy live+ which is £40 I will save money

These figures are not exact (a few pennies off) but they are the closest rounded number

its extremely cheaper for those who have few aircrafts/regions bought. so with live+ its 50. for a year which is $10 cheaper. dont forget u save around $5 per aircraft and then $5 per region. and that right there is the best because if you buy all the aircraft/regions u can get live+ for 2 years