Live world map when flying

Why is that when I am flying and my settings are on high traffic seen on screen is on , I can only see one or two aircrafts that are near me.
But if I turn on LiveFlight on my server I can see hundreds of aircrafts all over the world and near me.


Hi Marco welcome to the forum! The reason you cannot see all aircraft around the world at once is due to the fact that aircraft are only visible at a certain distance on the map for you. As you get closer to other aircraft they will eventually pop up on your map once they are in range. I hope I helped! 🙂


Thanks a lot!!!

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You can use LiveFlight to see all airplanes in infinite flight rn

While Ashers first post above is really explanatory and great, I would just like to add on.

If we had the ability to see all aircraft around the globe, the game would definitely be a lot more laggy. In my opinion you don’t really need to see all the aircraft, it would be nice, but wouldn’t really be plausible.

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