Live Weather

Did anyone fly into Amsterdam yesterday? There was a big storm over there that caused flight cancellations and curious to see how it was on IF live. Unfortunately I was at work and couldn’t try it out.

hov aka Samoa Air

Yes, Live weather is in IF :)

Same in Düsseldorf some evenings ago.
The airport in real world suffered many cancellations, in IF on the Advanced server it was very crowed!

Gusts up to 37 knots, but Emirates 57 Heavy landed safely :blush:



Good link, that was exactly what prompted me to start this thread. 75mph wind gusts imagine that.

I recall there was a hurricane in the Caribbean at one point - someone tried to lift off in IF in a C172. Needless to say it did not go well XD

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Yeah I was surprised at first but then this surprised me as I did not know live weather was an implemented feature

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Yes I was there and I was on takeoff and literally my plane was shaking

Only if the person who filmed that video showed us how close to the ground the wing was cause it looks like they almost clipped it