Live weather?

Hello I notice that in KLAX the past days it’s been low visibility, very bad sometimes and I was wondering why is like that because here in la we have been in a 100’s sunny

Either something wrong with you live weather connection, or that’s just how the weather has been around Los Angeles

Probably there is (sea) fog at the airport?

I believe that the weather at the airports comes from the METARs, which are published by the weather services at the airport.

Don’t know but since infinite flight says live weather I was wondering why there is visibility so low

Like I said, that’s due to the METAR for KLAX reporting (very) low visibility IRL:

Well thanks. It wasn’t anything big because it makes it challenging

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I like challenges

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No problem! Yes, I understand that this is not what someone wishes for every time, but APPR and taking over very close before landing can be interesting too.

It might come down to the times you fly into Los Angeles as well. The SoCal area often has summer fog in the early morning, which you are most likely seeing.

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