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I’m just wondering why my live weather has red exclamation point and i clicked it saying wind aloft connection.


It might be because of poor internet connection. Try resetting your router. It also might be a server error. You might have to leave then rejoin the server when the issue fixes itself.

It means your winds aloft are disconnected, meaning you’ll have the same winds throughout the flight. Usually, all one must do is wait and it usually fixes itself :)

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I have that issue sometimes too. It says ‘No Weather Connection’. It’s funny how only this system fails while the rest is working fine. If my internet connection is poor wouldn’t other systems like Global and Live fail too?

Same here on my end and have a super strong internet connection

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Every once a while, everyone get this no weather connection. All you have to do is wait until it back up.

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Looks like it’s server-wide. Unfortunately, all we can do is wait for it to be fixed.

I think this topic is should be closed because there nothing you can do, but I might be wrong.

Nope :). Been like that since 2 hours ago.

Hmmm, well I haven’t been flying yet today so my bad

I have the same problem, once I take off, the weather is always red and is the same throughout the flight, it never fixes itself. When I approach its the same winds as it was when I was crusing which is annoying but, whenever I’m on final the winds fixes its self even though the weather is still red.

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Happens more than once for me, Seems only the airport weather is the only thing that will update, not the global winds aloft. And yes, this is the server’s fault,

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My winds are staying at 8knts, curious to see if it’s the samefor others

It is because your weather isn’t working. Therefore your weather isn’t up to date and you should check your connection or restart IF. It’s very simple to fix. It’s just your weather isn’t as it should be and say you lived in London and your plane was in London, the wind would not be the same as real life.

It’s already been determined that it’s a server-wide issue, thus, it can’t be fixed. All we can do is wait.

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Is there any official announcement regarding this?

I have the same problem through out my flight. RPLL-WSSS

This is the official announcement.

We seem to having issues with Winds aloft. :)

Seriously though, i’ll look into it!
There might be a while though due to time differences, but we’ll get it back up as soon as possible.

Thanks a lot for this information! :)

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