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Hello. I have had the Pro subscription for about 3 months now, and have been wondering about a specific feature of this flight simulator. That would be Live Weather. I don’t know if there is supposed to be clouds or rain in the game, because I saw Live Weather in the advertising for the game. Please tell me about how I can get it working. Thanks! :) ✈️✈️

We have live weather. Winds, turbulence and visibility [fog] are all simulated from current real world conditions! METARs and ATIS information also use current real world information.


Just be mindful of “7 kts variable” confuse you it will, change your runways it can, “flightaware” tell you active to runway in can

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I knew about the turbulence and fog but I thought there were supposed to be Live clouds. I still love this game, this was just something I wanted to know about. Thanks.
I was also wondering how I can access the plane spotting mode because I know it exists. :)

No clouds, yet. And plane spotting mode? We have no such thing so I am assuming you mean our ‘free cam’ setting. You can move this about freely. It’s in the bottom right of the screen as one of the camera settings.

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To add on to Misha There is also tower mode where u can see planes land and takeoff as well as your self from a tower angle

If you want to know the weather: click this

Yes, it’s live

that’s really helpful i always want to know what the weather is at airports and know what runway is open or closed


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