Live weather not working

I recently joined the live version of infinite flight and the live weather is not working.
I always have great weather when flying even if in reality the airport I am taking off from should be poring with rain.
I tried changing airport , restarting my ipad pro, deleting infinite flight and reinstalling it but I am having the same issue.
I had bad weather only on the first day but this is day 5 now and i keep getting perfect weather.
Any ideas?
I am tempted to cancel the subscription if the problem persist
Thank you

Infinite flight doesn’t have rain and chances the conditions ate what Infinite flight gives them as.
Hope this helps?

Happens a lot give it a little it should turn back to green, the weather server updates every hour on new weather around the world. But there’s no rain or anything


Sorry mate, canceling it won’t do much on IOS as you can still access it until the subscription ends.

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I believe the weather may or maybe not working. It may say in the corner ‘Weather’ as red, but I believe you should have the correct winds, as pointed out with the HUD, below the Speed.

You shouldn’t cancel your subscription… It’ll last you until after a month or purchase. 😂

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I don’t understand wether you are talking about the live weather connection or live weather not actually being displayed like in real life (e.g if it’s raining at an airport in real life but now in infinite flight)

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If you mean the sunshine all day (if it’s not foggy which it rarely is), that’s due to the current lack of clouds/rain as many post state before. This wouldn’t be a malfunction.

If you mean wind conditions rain the same all the time this could be due a connection error.

If the weather icon is red see the advice in the other posts for help.

The weather light is green

For example yesterday in London it was raining but when I took off from London Gatwick the weather was sunny and had blue skyes. I deliberately went on places on earth were I knew the weather was bad and same result. If in real life it is raining from a certain location, shouldn’t it be the same when using Infinite? I have not had the pleasure to fly through clouds yet and the sky is always blue…surely, this is not possible!

In addition, the visibility is 50km. The only place where the visibility was not so great was Delhi but once I took off the sky got blue (probably because I was flying at high altitudes).

The membership is a monthly membership so if I cancel I cans still play until the end of the month but to be honest I would like avoid cancelling. The game is great and its very addictive and I am on grade 2 now. I just wish the weather condition were true to life because at the moment the weather is so perfect.

Apart from the UK, do you know any place on earth where the weather is really bad?

I think you have got answers above. But to clarify;
We don’t have precipitation(rain, snow, hail) in the sim or clouds. (yet)
We do have real world weather as in wind and fog(visibility).

Check out this site for bad weather:

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ok understood Andre!
It would be so good to have rain ect to make it realistic



Adding to what @Andre_S said: There is sometimes a issue with low visibility being not always displayed as expected (see this thread: Where the fog? Many people are having problems seeing fog only when landing. Any hints to fix this?)
Nonetheless if the visibility is poor that will be displayed accordingly (most of the times.)

I heard KLAX currently has poor visibility.

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I agree with you, but we have so many other nice features that makes the sim realistic and enjoyable.
It’s worth it imo.

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thank you for the weather link Andre

very much appreciated :)


i agre with you
I use Xplane11 sometimes and that is great because so realistic but I must admit Infinity is very enjoyable as well, especially the sounds of the aircraft ( better than xplane).
I wish the aircrfat in Infinity had smoke coming out or fire from the enginess ect…

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