Live weather is super cool

Was landing at EHAM just now and at 4000 on approach there was a 27 knot crosswind. That gradually diminished until there was a 9 knot headwind at 20 deg off the RW axis.

Really appreciate the work that went into including live / real weather in the sim. Makes approaches and landing much more interesting and realistic!


I agree with you here. There is a possibility that real weather (clouds, rain etc.) may be added, and that would be amazing!

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Well, that’s Global for you. 😉 The Devs are happy that you are enjoying IF to the fullest. I’d suggest a 5 star-rating on your AppStore/Playstore, would really help the Devs a lot.

Here’s the live readings at EHAM.

You can check it out at


Yes, cloud layers and other weather would be amazing!

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Will review in the app store. Don’t think I have done that yet.

Do you know of anywhere that shows winds at different altitudes? Maybe IRL pilots can see cruising level winds (I have seen those forecasts / reports) and rely on PIREPS for stuff on approach?

Yeah it is quite fun flying into storms that you know about IRL

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Yes. The website @anon7075715 linked ( should show you winds at difrent altitudes. You are able to slide the slider all the way up to FL450

The photo has a arrow pointing at the slider.

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Thanks so much @Xpira. I knew about Windy but did not realize this had the altitude slider. Super cool!


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