Live Weather In Singleplayer

So I know Live mode has live weather but I was wondering if singleplayer could have it as it would make for more realistic landings and practice on singleplayer and would overall be a good addition, now I get it, some people want to play without wifi because lets say they are going somewhere, I think then it would be a good idea to have an option to turn live weather on or off in singleplayer but not just have it stuck on the settings mode that it already is on.

If you really want to practice a certain type of weather in solo, then just set it for that weather. It’s that simple. Also, live weather requires WiFi, as does the global terrain, so you cannot play offline either way.

The “live” aspect is what draws peoplpe into the live subscription. The live source data does have a cost to it and that is what part of your subscription costs pay for. You do have live weather in casual mode.

You are welcome to vote for the one above but for the most part Live is where live data is.

This has been requested a number of times already and they have all been closed for various reasons.

I would agree if you mean “global solo” not non live sub solo.

I mean honestly how long has everyone spent playing solo? The only thing I use it for is to replay landings to see how I did and what I can improve on.

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Not everyone has a live subscription @DylanIE

No not everyone does, but imo there is little point in buying the game and not buying live, especially since IF has quite a large multiplayer presence.

While some people may not have enough money for it, I still feel like features for multiplayer, where I presume most players are, should be prioritised. @William_Armstrong