Live weather for solo

I couldn’t find a request for this so I am making it.
I was thinking for solo flight why not have the Jetstream like there is in multiplayer because some people would like the features in multiplayer but not play multiplayer. Let me know what you think below. :)

If you want live weather on solo, you would need a constant connection. So why not just play live and hide all the planes?

We already need a constant connection because of global so why not :)

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I would like this idea, but I personally think that we should focus on the developers
fixing the servers first


but that is said to change in future updates… I’m sorry, I don’t understand your point.

Well of course but this could be in a future update.

If you don’t like the idea then just mute this topic. :)

It’s not about me liking or disliking the idea sir, I have the right to state my point of view and share my opinion.

exlactly.Also did you ever think about private atc ?

Like atc but in solo? I have thought of it.

thanks for the Vote:)

Would like to bring this up just for the fact that I think it would be possible to have an option to change the weather to live weather in solo, just it wouldn’t update constantly, for example you would press “Live Weather” if you have a stable connection and it would pull the current weather for that area off of Live and the weather settings would stay there like they usually do when you edit them yourself. Of course, during a long haul flight you would have to press said button may times but there would be a limit if one needed to be in place. Hopefully this made as much sense to you as it did me. Hope we can see something like this soon!

I hope we can also! 👍

Because some of us have families and other stuff and might not be able to be near the device while flying all the time. The advantage of solo is that you can pause it on short final and come back in 5, 10, or 30 minutes and finish the landing.

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So you don’t want to play live, but you want live weather…

As said above it would defeat the purpose of solo. Since live weather requires internet, you would only be able to play solo with internet. Im hoping they make solo so you can play it offline as well (since alot of us dont have a stable internet connection at all times). If you want jetstream just go in the settings and put it in yourself.

What’s wrong with that? Playing solo with real weather updates?
@Ark_of_Ahmed.IF as was mentioned before, now you need internet connection even for solo to download terrain data, so why not download weather data as well?

I meant its better to push for a solo mode where you can play offline then to ask for weather in solo mode. The best would be if they made it so that if your offline you don’t get live weather in solo and if your online you get live weather in solo.

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Because after a while Internet connection will not be needed for solo. That’s the whole point of solo.

@Ark_of_Ahmed.IF in FSX you can download weather once and then play offline. I don’t see why we can’t do the same here. Just update weather and terrain while you have internet and off you go.
@Sal The whole point of solo is NOT just the lack of internet connection. The point of solo is lack of any flight rules and a possibility to pause it and come back anytime with no harm to others.

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Good idea, however it will take up some device storage for it.